Genn and Millie

Week 83

April 20, 2021

An open letter to Genn and Millie Listeners.


1. What are your Omaha Bucket List items? How can you keep Tess accountable to celebrating? 

2. Reflect on the 5 clues to talent using the following reflection questions: 

-Yearning (pull or attraction to certain activities): (1) To what kinds of activities are you naturally drawn? (2) If you had an entire week of your calendar open up and couldn’t work on previous commitments, what would you spend your time doing?

-Satisfaction (that which brings you emotional or psychological reward): (1) What sorts of activities do you finish and think, ‘I can’t wait to do that again’? (2)What are you doing (at work or at play) when you’re truly enjoying yourself?

-Rapid Learning (unique pathways of understanding and learning): (1) What have you done well that you didn’t need explained? (2) What activities do you execute naturally, but struggle to break down into steps for others?

-Glimpses of Excellence (flashes of outstanding performance): (1) What have other people told you you’re great at doing? (2) In your previous experience, what were you known for doing well? 

-Total Performance Excellence / "flow" (the optimal state of intrinsic motivation): (1) In what activities did you seem to automatically know the steps to be taken? (2) What are you doing when time seems to disappear?





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